Festival of Learning

What: A day-long festival at the Lab, made by-the-community, for-the-community, involving students, UROPs, staff, and faculty. To celebrate 🎉, learn 👯, eat 🥘, make 🗜️, share 🤝, play ✨, and dance 💃🏽 together!

When: Friday, March 18, 2022

Where: E-14/15

Contact: festival-of-learning [at] media.mit.edu

"Bringing the Festival of Learning back to the Lab—in all its low-production, DIY, non-serious glory—and introducing it to the newer students who hadn’t experienced that part of our culture before made me so happy, as I felt we were celebrating the parts of the Media Lab that I think make us so special."

— Pip Mothersill, Reflections from Festival of Learning 2019

Brought to you by: A collaborative team of students, staff, and researchers, with support from the Media Lab Digital Learning + Collaboration Studio